Pin the Horn on the Unicorn’s _____.

Due to a rapid onset illness occurring just before they arrived, Amelia was not able to take Charlotte into the birthday party of her daycare friend, Jessica. Amelia turned the car around, called Dan, who traded spots with her, driving Charlotte back to the party. As expected, there was plenty of “princess” party goods and games for the kids, who were largely there with their mommies, aunts, and grandmothers, leaving Dan “The Dad” of the party. Jessica’s mother and grandmother invited all of the children to play “pin the horn on the unicorn.” The kids screamed, “Me first, me first!” The birthday girl was chosen to go first. She was blindfolded and spun around and released to place her horn on the poster. She tilted her head back and put that horn right on the horse’s head. “”Hooray!”, cried the others. Charlotte, who was much younger than the rest of the girls, watched the others intently and waited her turn. One after another, the girls altered their blindfolds, tilted back their heads, felt the area of the poster with their hands and placed their horns square between the horses eyes. Finally it was Charlotte’s turn. She approached the poster where the blindfold was placed on by Jessica’s mother. Dan didn’t know how Charlotte would react to being blindfolded for the first time; she was barely two years old. The blindfold didn’t phase her one little bit. A horn sticker was placed in Charlotte’s hand, she was turned around twice and then released. Charlotte took a step forward and began to place the horn on Jessica’s mother’s pant leg. Dan and Jessica’s mother comforted Charlotte and turned her toward the poster for another try. This time Charlotte took two steps forward and slammed that horn right into it’s most physiologically appropriate location on the horse poster in front of her. “A bulls eye!”, Dan thought. In other circle, the placement of this horn would have served as a rally-cry for Tequila shots, however, in Jessica’s parents’ house, the response was limited to a “Hmm” and an “Oh!” by Jessica’s grandmother and mother, respectively. Dan broke the awkardness, saying, “Well, I guess that’s one place to put it. ” “O.K….What do you say we get some pizza?”, Jessica’s mother gasped, to which a flurry of children and parents mustered their way toward the kitchen. Only after each and every mommy, aunt, and grandmother turned their back to the poster and headed toward the kitchen, did Dan sneak back, remove his cell phone from his pocket, and capture this timeless snapshot. “My daughter is an artist!”


Pin The Horn on the Unicorn


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