Topics of note

Cereal- The kids are digging Corn Pops. They’re Pops Junkies. This morning Charlotte had a breakfast-induced revelation. Tell me if you’ve noticed the same; “Hey, when you put milk on my Corn Pops it sounds like somebody going pee.” 

Blood cells- What’s inside of red blood cells that makes them red? “Blood” What’s inside of white blood cells? “Nothing, but that’s O.K. cause if I lose my cells, my Daddy can make more for me.” 

Fishing- In the car, Charlotte to Mommy: “Do you think Grandmom could take me fishing on the moon?” (Grandmom loves to fish) I don’t know; why don’t we call her and ask? Via cell phone, Charlotte to Grandmom: “Grandmom, could you take me fishing on the moon?” After a little chuckle, I would love to take you fishing but maybe not on the moon.


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